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this is 4 the love of u

This is 4 the love i have for uthat i never knew u had 2But now i understand that you feel the same way 2I hope we can go beyond thisBecause this love is truly a wishbecause of u i no we grewi really do love u boo and i hope your love is true 2You ask me wat i see when i look in to those brown eyesWhat i see is the love that burns insidewat i also see in uIs the realness booI love yo brown smooth skinand i love it when you look at me wit that sexy grinI never knew you be the guythat make find this lovethat  i never knew i crave insideYou say you don't noif we going to be a partbut i say we'll never be a part cause devin yo'll always have my heart

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