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Thinking Out Loud

Mark a million, where are you?You didn't mention, what you're up to! Neither did you tell me, if better you feel-You left me hanging alone, for real!Tuesday night, you said to meOn Saturday evening we'd go out Weeeeeee!But then last night you felt so weakAnd today, you neglected to even speak!About the plans for Saturday night,It's clear your plans, keep me out of your sight!And so into the shower I will now goI won't even attempt to meet you, cause you'll say NO!I don't really know why we bother to make plansSomething always happens, they end up in the can!I don't suppose that I should countOn our plans made, becuase my frustraton mounts!I worked so very hard, these past two days,Now is the time that I want to PLAY!So into the shower I'm going right nowAnd then my wild oats, I will sow, (lolol)Perhaps a drink or maybe threeWill help to clear my thoughts of thee,A buzz could really help tonightYou probably already, have one in sight!I miss my friend, my long haired manI'd like to see him, if i can....But since you are not here to say...I guess I'll just be alone again, today.Into the shower it's after eight,I'd best get moving, it's gettng late!Last Tuesday night, you said to me,That Saturday night... together we'd be....Yet, when I looked to see what you had planned...There was nothing there, not to do with me, man!So this must mean I'm all aloneTo find something fun... or to just stay home.I'll come back to the computer, before I goTo see if you left me a message so...I will know just what you feelAnd if with you, a moment I can steal!I doubt your plans are including meAnd to be honest, I don't like to drink.It seems that when I do see you,That is the only thing you want to do..?!If you asked me what I'd like best,I'd say let's just talk, and forget the rest!We could go for a walk, or even a ride,Not too many options, when we must hide...I wish that the times we have to shareCould be more often, as for you I care,But if the only time you'd agree,Is after you're drinking... then I need to see...I doubt that I, will honestly stay,With you if you drink, most eveyday.I've been in this place too many times,I want someone sober, if he's to be mine.

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