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The way back

The way back home is far and lonely,
It's cold and dark, walking these endless highways,
I have no money, I have no food,
Only a bag of clothes and a bag of memories,
Confused and pregnant, talking to myself
"is there a god?", why is he so cold hearted?,
But there's no answer, there's no one to talk to.
The way back home is complicated,
Don't know which way home is, I'm not scared
But I am worried.
I sure wish I make it on time..

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    • God it seems he tests us but he is not cold hearted. There is a lesson in everything if you keep your eyes and heart open. God wil never turn from you and will never abandon you. In time you will see him in little things. One only needs to remember Mary giving birth, knowing based on faith alone that she was carrying the son of God, having no warm secure place to give birth and to only find a spot in a manger with animals. It is not humble beginnings or trials and tribulations that matter in the end...but what you learn from them and what you take with you. Have faith.
      • thanks morninglight.
        • There are hard times and good times. and sometimes the good are few...we should think about those times of good when we go through hard times..If you talk to God instead of yourself in bad times ..you won't probably believe it but he answers....prayers are not the only way to speak to the one above.
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