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The Tango of Life.

This is not a true story, Comment or like if you think i should finish writing this this story. Jessica stood with her hand on the doorknob praying that Katie was in there. This was the only room Jessica hadn't checked. She hoped that Katie did not leave the party because Katie was the only person Jessica knew there. Jessica opened the door ready to settle this argument, but before she could find the light switch, she felt a hand grab her. "Stop" she said, but then the hand covered her mouth and the boy whispered "Shh, it's just me." She swore she knew the voice but she could not figure out who it was. She tried to pull away but he grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back. She started breathing deeper as he pulled her close to him. Her back to his chest. He locked an elbow around her neck and lifted her off the ground. She tried kicking but it was no use. He covered her mouth with the arm the arm that was locked around her neck, so that she could not make any noise. His fingers were cold as he pushed aside her underwear going deeper. She was squirming, still trying to get away. It didn't help. She began to hear, as his fingers were now inside her. She started trying to kick him. When she did kick him, he pushed her forward and she fell. Like lightning, it impossible how fast he could move but before she  had the chance to get up, he was on top of her. Unbuttoning her jeans. The would floor was cold on her back and as she tried to push him away he put one hand on her chest to hold her down. The strong smell of his colon began to fill her nostrils as he began pulling down her jeans with his free hand. She tried to push him off but like before nothing she did worked. He felt so heavy pushing against her, pushing one of her legs up. This was really happening she thought, and then Jessica sat up taking a deep breath, there were tears rolling down her face. She had been having this dream ever since it really happened all those months ago. She had never told anybody. Not even Katie, who was her best friend at the time. Jessica and Katie did not talk much anymore. She did not call Katie to settle the argument that they were having at the time. That argument seemed little compared to what happened to Jessica just after it. To Katie this argument was important and the fact that Jessica did not try to talk it over made Katie think that Jessica did not really care. She avoided most of her friends after that night. She did not want to have to explain why she so suddenly wasn't into guys or parties anymore. She had found out who had caused all this pain but she was embarrassed by what happened. So she chose not to tell her dad or report it to the police. Her parents could tell that there was something wrong with her. She no longer hung out with friends or socialized with any guys. She kept to herself about everything and spent most of her free time in her room. The usual dinner at her mother's house every sunday had not happened in a very long time. So her parents just got used to the changes.

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