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The Socialite Extraordinaire.

Rough, unpolished, vigorous jewel,
Over stars and celebrities she did rule.
Presidents and royals came to tea,
The ultimate socialite was she.

From humble beginnings she set her goal,
Compassion and understanding were in her soul.
Advertising and journalism were her chosen career,
An accomplished artist, the rose held dear.

Biographies of Dali and Peron she penned,
Presidents and royalty could depend,
On this socialite with intelligence and drive,
To ensure any situation would succeed or revive.

She had Menuhin entertain in a barn,
Cary Grant bent her ear with an actor's yarn.
The Shah of Persia, companion to hunt boar,
Winston Churchill met her at Chartwell's door.

Her love of life was infectious to behold,
An iron will and optimism were in her mould.
For making instant friends she had a flair,
Fleur, the socialite, extraordinaire.
(c) John McKay Withey

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