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The singer and the children

In my church
there is a beautiful and stately woman
She carries herself with dignity
and grace
I know not her story
but I wish I did
I know her only by her beautiful voice
and by her dark and regal face

Today unexpectedly
a choir of young girls appeared
Their voices so clear and high
that the song they sung
though I could not make out the words
made me cry
The beauty of it I could not deny

And the woman who was the singer
was now the conductor of the choir
She mouthed the words to the girls
and waved her arms and gracefully her fingers
Her expression was of happiness and joy
and this scene did me inspire
and reminded me of things higher

My tears came without notice
and from where I do not know
but I lowered my face and
wiped them self consciously
so they wouldn't show
and thought about my past
and ponderd my unknown fate
hoping somehow its not too late

Because inside me there is a feeling
that a better life awaits me
one that is kind and good
not one that injures and berates me
But something more I felt today
like touched from an unknown power
it is in giving to others
that we're in our finest hour

As I looked up toward the alter
my moist eyes scattered the light
and I focused on a partical of dust
falling in happenstance flight
and for a second I had a sense
that everything might somehow work out right
Though I feel inside alone and cold and hurting
one day my life might be bright
God I know, sees my plight

But I prayed for ohers
whose kindess I have felt
or for those who are gone or missing
I blessed myself and knelt
For them I said a prayer in hearfelt silence
and for me I said one too
That I might one day find forgiveness
to replace my lonley self-reliance

My heart I have but one
and its pulled each and every way
even in Church as it was today
and moving my glance from the sun
I was reminded that this is Gods way
To teach a heart what matters in life
by taking it away
ao at the choir of young girls I glance
and pray silently for a second chance

©  James T. Adair

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