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The Photograph

Have you ever met someone who is just a stranger, and fall in love with in minutes, hours, or days and while your getting to know more about this person, your feelings get srtonger and stronger as you talk together...
i have met this perfect stranger.
First time i look at his photo,there is a force that mesmerized me not to look away.Its not the way he look but its his eyes that captured my heart in that very moment.His hair is amazing for a man,and he got the smile of a tamer.
Love at first sight for a photograph is just crazy but its the truth.I fell in love with the photograph the moment I have seen it.I felt i was dancing in the air and my heart is singing the melody of love and my soul speaks the rhythm of a true love.
The photograph becomes real,and I was struck by millions of stars the moment he holds my hands.I saw rainbow in the sky,when he kissed me.My heart melted the way he talked and his wisdom made me think I am in paradise.
In this instance,I am loving not only the photograph but also the real one.he holds my heart in his hands.i am his prisoner in love as we travel in this journey of life.A simple photo that leads to a lifetime happiness.Makes me complete and realizes my dreams.
All is possible when true love strike your heart.And once you have it never let it go,because it will never go back.its just once for a lifetime.

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