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The One Who Waits

The wind howling in my ears,
While my mind is waiting for the disastrous cheers,
Are you still waiting for me?
Are you still there for me?
The earth spins round and round,
While I am standing here waiting for your sound,
Waiting for a love to come and embrace me,
So I can see the shining sea.
Are you coming for me?
Are you here with me?
The crumbs of my heart are burning to the ground,
While my head still pounds,
It goes on and on and on again,
Waiting for your great spirit once again.
Are you still here my love?
Are you too far above?
The angel of my call,
The one who will catch me when I fall,
One who loves the nature of this place,
And who will tie my wedding lace,
Can you still here me?
Do you still wish to hold me?
Now I am laying in my bed,
My soul just waiting to be fed,
And when I close my eyes,
I see through all their lies,
And when my eyes open wide,
You are there by my side,
You kiss my lips and say to me,
Has my love waited long for me?
I just smile for my heart doesn’t frown when he is near,
No I’m just happy when you appear.


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