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The One

Your love for me always lifted me up to the highest dimension on earth.
I saw your pain when I told you I'm hurting,and you caused that pain in me.
Your words of love and explaination is so right and comforting.
You make me feel I am the prettiest of all ladies.
I am silly and childish with my reactions but
you are so gentle and full of compassion
giving me your affection.
You are truly my haven in despair.
I thought i am alone but you are always there for me to lean on when i am down.
Since you came into my life,I feel  stronger and mature.
You are very patient for my silliness and childishness,think of it as my sweet escapades.
I love you always and forever my darling husband.
You wiped aways my tears.You replaced sadness with blissfulness.
Nothing i could ask for more but your love and the wholeness of our family together. Soon  this waiting will be over.
"Higugmaon ko Ikaw hangtod sa akong kamatayon,Pinangga."

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