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The Night

The night you said goodbye was the night I cryed. The night you told me you didnt love me at all was the night my world has changed .The night you told me it was all a mistake was the night I thought of you the next day. The night you said goodbye was the night I didnt wanna survive. But now I relized no matter how great you were to me I would never do such a thing to myself just cause of you. I love you no matter what and I wish I could have said that that night. But no matter how hard it is I will try to let go of you...Even tho I love you!! Now this night I will remember all the times we spent together. You and me always and forever...thats what you once said! I will remember the first time you said I love you. I will remember that time you never wanted to let me go. I will remember that time at your game you told me that last hit was for me. I will always remember you and me together!! But the one I wanna forget is when you said goodbye. But that night you said it will always make me cry!!

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    • Such sad memories have a way of passing and it is the happier times we remember. The sad times teach us how much we really do need real love and what a treasure love is if we eventually find it, as I hope you do.
      • Yeah ik that now....Thanks for the comments. :)
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