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The most amazing moment

Baby I wish that my life was an eternal life so I can keep ure memory alife tell the end of time.Baby:take me away make me forget about the world and the universe and let me melt in ure loveAnd allow me 2 say the sweetest talk a lover could tell 2 his babe cuze if I searched the world like ure love ill never find.If I say I love u then love with it greatness is not enough for u .And if I go away from you for seconds ,ill be coming back cuze I missed u so much on those second And my heart could not withstand missing you for that long .Hold me tie and be by my side and come lets live the story of our dreams.’The most amazing day of my life was the day I met u.And that time I could not take it any more and without thinking I found my self melting deeply in ure love.ure love tooked me away and I lived the most amazing moment and felt the most amazing feeling of my life. and I forget the world with you cuze that moment u had become my world .I had kept u inside my eyes and I have the world witness on our love.Non the moment will come which will make me forget about you .

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