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The love I would never trade for anything

My Best friend, my lover, my partner and my husband

You made my life complete.

You give me confidence I never knew I have.

You made me complete as a woman.

You make me believe myself when you planted your seed inside me.

Now I am a mother and you’re the father of my child.

I feel so lucky to have you as the solid rock to lean on.

When troubles come our way, you stand by me with all your strength and power.

You are always there to listen and comfort me with your compassion.

You may not be a perfect person but your mischief’s makes you the best.

You as the foundation of our family nothing can tears us apart not even the strongest storm.

Even though you are far from us but you never let our child grow with out your guide.

It is amazing how you and our daughter connect each other when thousand of miles stand between you and Lucianna.

But fathers are indeed gifted as firm and lasting guide for his child.

As a father of my child there is nothing I can complain about.

As the head of the family I adore you and very proud of you.

As for one word to describe you “Super Daddy “is all I can say.

The love you give me is priceless.

I know being you the cornerstone of my home; we can stand no matter what kind of weather we meet along the way.

Happy Fathers Day!


@Emelita C. Smith

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