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The Lonely Man

The love he felt, the pain he feels. The life that changed, seems so unreal. In love for once, she was his first. Gone from his life, a neverending thirst. A broken heart, bruised to the soul. Promises shattered, a life unknown. Happiness gone, replaced with sorrow. Will he love again, or mourn the morrow. He yearns today, for her of course. The depression elevates, the heartfelt remorse. On this day, he lies in wake. Longing for her, to change his mistake. The day never came, here he lies. The lonely man, alone as he dies. His heart in shambles, she walks in. His chest pounds, he speaks from within. Tears of joy flow, so overwhelmed. He loves her even now, with death at the helm. He spills his feelings, says all he can. He finally lets go, he dies a happy man.

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