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The Letter Said Sorry.

I moved across to hold you tight,To kiss your lips in the morning light.To entwine my fingers through your lovely hair,Glad to know you were lying there.Rubbing my eyes, I could only stare,The sheets were cold, the bed was bare.I checked the clock it was only four,Your robe was gone from behind the door.I listened to hear your gentle tred,To feel you slip back into bed.But as the daylight filled the room,I felt an unfamiliar sudden gloom.I arose and hurried down the stair,I had a feeling you wouldn't be there.Apprehensively I looked around,Hoping to hear a familiar sound.You were not sitting in your favourite chair,The room was cold in the morning air.Your make up and clothes, all were gone,Slowly the truth began to dawn.In my hands I laid my head,Trying to think of something said.That gave you cause to quickly depart,And leave me with an aching heart. Then I saw your hurried note,Where with empty feelings you simply wrote,"Forgive me please I know not why,My love for you has been a lie".(c) John McKay Withey

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