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The last time.

(This isn't a poem or a story or a quote. It's just some feelings)Months before we met I really didn't believe in love anymore. Seemed like every relationship around me was falling apart, so I thought to myself why do I want this to happen to me again?For a long time I was closed off from Men, I was only looking for fun. Some days I enjoyed the single life, others, I felt alone.We began to talk and to be honest I was scared and blew you off. So it took us sometime to actually meet.When we finally did I was blown away! All my walls came down straight away. I forgot about all those bad relationships and thought, doesn't mean it has to happen to me all the time, this could be the last time.You were smart, funny, charming and kind and best of all you didn't try to make a move (as much as I wanted you too (-: )We spent a good day together and I didn't want it to end.I truly like you and want to see where this goes, cos something tells me this could be the last time.

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