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The Gardener

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    • The flower never regrets when the hunter have it.The gardener,well..honestly the flower knows that he cared after when the flower is gone.I think this flower is a little bit selfish,sometimes no matter how lovely the garden full of flowers,you need to pick what you love most,or else somebody will pick it and you will never find again that kind.And about the hunter,he was a hunter most of his life and he gets nothing but cuts and wounds,the flower healed the wounds.Every flower needs a special care and this flower found that love and care in the hands of the hunter. I think when love is in bloom it does not count how long,its the feelings that counts of how strong. The flower now is blooming and never have a gloomy days. I went to morninglight profile but the poem is deleted.Anyway,thank you for the comment,and for reading it.Thanks a lot. t
      • Well,as you said you can not tell anybody about love,love really plays in a mysterious way. Actually,this was written on 2008,i forgot the exact date,I just reposted it. In love no winner or loser,its a sacred feelings that people should treasure,thats how i feel. And not everytime,you left the person because you don't care,its just sometimes..its the right thing to do.Don't get me wrong also,I love my man.I know I will love him till death.My hopes are he will do the same,and i feel he will. I like your story.So far I like all what you have written here,thanks a lot for being my reader,its an honor for me as an amateur.
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