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The Final Goodbye

The phone call came,

The one I knew would,

Your in heaven now papa.


When I think of you,

I remember those beautiful blue eyes,

I remember his stubbornness.


We rushed to the hospital,

To only hear the news,

Your in heaven now papa.


Every time I picture you,

I picture this real sweet guy,

Trying everything just to make everyone else happy.


The nurse came in,

She told us to follow her,

There he was so peaceful,

Your in heaven now papa.


I remember on one of his birthdays,

We made a cake with 70 something candles,

He made a wish and blew them out.


The drive back home,

Was the saddest I’ve ever had,

I cried so hard and felt so bad,

Your in heaven now papa.


Sadly I know this is goodbye,

We have so many memories,

That I will always remember.

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