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The erge came back, no-one to blame, nothing to frame.. its not for fame and its not some game.

It all built up.The erge has came back.To many things at once.Its had to be happen.Nothing to change what had just been done.Only a few more scars to add to the never ending list of 151.No-one to blame.Nothing to frame.Not a hobby.Its not a game you play for fun.It just had to be done.Nothing but the end of the track to another unwanted end of a chapter.No bridge to go over, no u-turns allowed not even a side street to turn down.A feeling like this is not like no other.Its not for fame.Nothing like that.Just have to feel some physical pain in between the emotional crap that felt like a game.People all around you reasuring you'll be okay.Thats nothing but an on going line just like a bad un wanted rhyme.Theres people that love you and will do anything you name.Although thats true and you feel the same way too.Theres just things no-one can do!

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