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The End

i seem to have wanted more from youthan you were willing to freely give;but now we've gone our separate wayseach with different lives to live.my love will always be therethe friendship slighly intact;but the time for us has come and goneand time is the one thing you can't turn back.i will always be a friend to youand wonder how you are;your smile and beauty i will rememberbecause they help heal the emotional scar.i wish on those hectic dayswhen you have alot of things to do;think of me deeply in your mindso i can spend some alone time with you.and in those quite dayswhen your alone and no-ones there;just remember me passionatelythat i have always loved you and caredWritten By Andraeahnlus Oniexerxes LegacyInspired By Priyanka S.U.

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    • I really like your poem. I am dealing with a broken heart, and like what the poem said. If only that were tue, I mean that you could actually do what the poem says. I would have stayed close with him but he turned me away. He found another love and treated me badly. Lied and tried to keep me strung along. I disclosed to him that I knew he got married he called me a stalker. However even though he had been living with his now wife for a couple of years he still tried to get me to come and see him. I didn't know he found someone else. He insulted me and used me, and when I asked why his reply was cold and shallow. He response went something like this: There was never a formal personal realtionship between us". That from a man that I wasted 8 years of my life with, damn near broke the bank for, traveled un goldly distances to see. I used to love him, I used to think we had a future together lik he said we did. But in the end I ralised it was merely a physical realtionship to him, and much more to me,
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