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The end?

As I learn every day of the person I'll be...

I think you would turn in disappointment of me.

If you could really see the darkest parts of my heart.

You would feel the hatred and it'd tear you apart.

I would like to think that the good shows through...

But I've never been able to fool you.

And despite all the love I feel every day...

I feel sorrow for the world that tears you away.

Seeing your face, lay asleep on that bed...

I realized the end, closing in with sick dread.

And I can't say a word, only write of this pain.

Because I can't imagine a world where you're slain....

My fiercest support& my closest friend.

I don't think I'd be okay if this is the end.

I'm throwing my hands up& releasing the reins.

God, I beg you to cure her of pains.

Don't take her away from me, because I have so much to tell...

Don't take my friend and drag me through Hell.

It seems we always have more to say when we need you...

But I promise to work on my steps to follow through.

If you grant me this wish and please cure her pain...

I'll find a way to love once again.

I'll share your love and joy every day...

Express myself& help me find words to say.

To tell her I'm sorry that I left her alone...

And was only there over the phone.

If this is the end, I still love you, it's true.

If this is the end, please wait for me, too.

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