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The Band

One,two,three,four,Tap your feet on the floor.Let the band fill your ears,With a sound to bring the cheers.Watch the drummer do his tricks,With flashy rolls and cymbal flicks.Great big licks he gives the base,Beads of sweat run down his face.Lead guitarist fills the hall,With a haunting sound from wall to wall.All the groupies over him gloat,As they listen to, his every note.Rhythm guitarist likes his sound,On his strings he loves to pound.Running his fingers over the frets,Accompanying chords is what he sets.Keyboard player sets the stage,For a melody, all the rage.Frenetic fingers tickle the keys,With a backing melody, sure to please.Hear the singer in the band,Has the audience in her hand.Range of notes from a voice to thrill,Every venue she's sure to fill.End of gig, brilliant night,Band are ready for taking flight.Audience clapping shout for more,Band are zapped and out the door.Written & (c) John McKay Withey  1998

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