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That One

You Seem to Find The Dark Never Find The Light Look For The Sun Not The The Moon You Should Look For These Bloodshot Eyes They Belong To Your Gloom Look For The One Who Will Hold You Through The Coldest Of Nights Look For The One Who, In Your Name, Stands and Fights. Look For The One Who Lives For Your Next Word The One Who Would Die To Give You A Last Breath I Hope I Am All Of This I Hope I Am The One Whom You Miss Look Into To The Night And I Pray To God I'm Right That I Am The Bloodshot Eyes That Tell No Lies When The Warm, But Hurt Voice Groans And The Words Come Out As Moans Of I Still Love You and Forlorn Hope This Is Why I Sit and Mope Know That I Stand Up For Your Name I Never Let It Fall To Shame Know That I Wish To Fix The Damage Done And This Is Why People Say That I'm That One
Written by Drek
Submitted by Drek
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