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Sweet Sixteen

Submitted by Christina E-mail: beautifulgurl_88@hotmail.com Her Birthday fell on the 8th She was happy Happy to finally turn 16. All of her friends and family were gonne be there. She was going the center of attention. All eyes on her.Everydoby celebrating, having fun laughing and dancing. She was having the time of her life. She was waiting for this moment her whole life. All of a sudden she tells her friends and familly that she has a surprise waiting for them outside. The new sixteen year old tells them to wait inside until she comes back. They waited for 20 minutes and she never came back. Her mom went outside to see if she was okay. And there she was... The new sixteen year old hanging from a tree. Happy birthday sweet sixteen. Her death fell on the 8th. The new sixteen year old hung herself on a tree. She must have been sad really depressed. All of her friends and family were there. She was the center of attention. All eyes were on her. Everybody crying crying on eachothers shoulders. Her mother down on her knees asking god why. The sixteen year old waited for the moment her whole life. Nobody knew that the sixteen year old was so depressed Nobody knew that the sixteen year old was sad. No one bothered to ask her if she was a-o-k. But what a shame... The new sixteen year old ended her life with one simple rope on a very special day. Here's a party that no one will forget. Happy birthday sweet sixteen.


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    • that "poem" was not very good at all. some of you people write stuff and all of a sudden it's art. This seems very offensive and doesn't really relate to how happy a should be on her sweet 16.
      • this story was really sad to be death in her sweet 16...
        • I think people ought to make more time for their kids and really listen even though it might not be what they want to hear and work on a solution together and always try to know what's going on in your childs life no matter what the age
          • I think your poem was great. I'm sixteen and I can relate to what the girl in the poem felt... Specially with todays society the only way they push you to get to an exit is suicide... It was great... Keep it up... By the way not all poems have to rhyme!
            • Yeah that totally sucked too b*tched :D bit nice try anyway:) Tell your friend to write one of her own.
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