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Play with razors Play with knives Cut yourself And live your lifeCut it deep Hit the vien Let it bleed, Bleed,and bleed So cold inside So hard to live Cut again You've hit again Hit the floor Bleed to death Die right there Thats the rest You've gone too far Your so depressed You die to live Yet lived to die You dont regret The things you did You hurt inside And did what you did!!! Submitted by staci nailor E-mail: staciboo12@msn.com

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    • Heyy, I cut my self and I cant tell u how bad I wanna stop I just cant im sick of having people feel bad for me...becuase I do people dont understand..what im going threw..i dont no what more to say..just trying to say cutttings not the way! Add me on msn..if u want
      • Hey that was a great poem! I cut, but I mean I don't tell the whole f*cking world! I mean this has happened and it ain’t fun I've been sent away to a f*cking mental hospital for 8months! Ya so stop because then you'll be sent away from family, friends everyone! Ya it makes you feel great, but it’s wrong! My bf died from doing that! Please stop anyone who does it you need help I know you might not want it but soon you will go for help now!!! This ain’t healthy and it’s not normal!!!
        • wow I loved that poem luv lotz
          • I know ppl that cut and i dont like it. i understand why they cut. there is more than one way to deal with it.other than that i didnt like the poem
            • suicide is painless
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