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Struck By Love

Love has now struck melike the lighting from the sky,it moved me so muchi felt like i was gonna die.I've been in love3 different times,I've never been so hurtbut love is blind.Love has taken meto so many people,they didn't love mebut everyone's equal.But i know this personthat love has brought me to,he's everything i ever wantedhe' more faithful and more true.I always thought thatlove was made for me,but now i just realizeit's made for everyone to see.Love is not a gamelove is not your friend,so never play with itcause it'll win in the end.

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    • Love is blind...we never know when we will feel it. It often hits us unexpectedly. You're right.
      • i think alot of people-myself included- take love for granted.when you think you have it, that you understand it, it will come and bite you with venom stronger than any viper on this planet. continue to exploid your experiences...people on this site are more caring than everyone i know.
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