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Somewhere Between Together And Apart...

That's Where We Are I looked in the mirror Seeing through tears of horror Looking for my heart, shattered on the floor. And I think for a minute about surrendering Maybe I’m wrong in my rendering But even if I am wrong I won’t move along {Chorus #1} I will not give it up No I won’t give in When there’s still a chance Of us again I will not rest When I know we’re not through I only hope again To see me and you. So at night I lay down In the bed we made together No matter how hard I try It still feels like leather So I sit up and I read the note The simple things that we wrote Small little words like “I love you” and “good-bye” Why did we ever let this die? {Chorus #2} I will not give up Nor will I give in When there is a chance To be US again When I know there that we aren’t through All I hope to see is you with me and me with you. Someday. I hope to see you walk through that door And make me feel the way you always did before When I’ve lost my way and a part of me I know your by my side, that is plain to see But you’re not where I need you most In my embrace When you’re there maybe then I’ll know I can escape this place. (Repeat Chorus #1) (Repeat Chorus #2) The mirror is shattered And the bed sheets, tattered But at least I know what I see You’re in my arms…the way life should be.
Written by Drek
Submitted by Drek

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