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Sometimes you need to say goodbye

 She is busy preparing for her wedding day,today is the last day of her being single.Tonight,she will be having a "DESPEDIDA PARTY" as a single woman.Everybody are excited,at last at the age of 34,she decides to get married.hmm,actually she didn't decide, she just fell inlove right from the first moment she saw James.

  She is so happy watching her family and friends so eager to help her settle down.She is so engross thinking about her moments with James,she didn't even notice that someone is calling her name.She must fell asleep while day dreaming about her wedding.(LOL)

     It was the mail man,he is carrying a gift box,it's addressed for her,so she needs to sign to recieve it.The card says that she must open the box before the wedding,she take the box in her room and open it...though she is wondering what is in the box.She almost faint after she opened it,the box contains old photos,cards and love letters from her past.

   In the photos,she can see her own face,she was so happy laughing with the guy in the photo.How could it be? she never heard of him more than a year now,how he knew about my wedding?she was asking herself.She was so scared and confused.She run away,away from everyone,she wanted to be alone.She want to go to a place where her past can not find her.

    She end up a very dark, quite place....she sit down and think,here, no one could find her,not even her past.Slowly,the place became brighter and the lights spread all over the place,she realized,she never managed to get away...She can hear the music playing for the party,she can hear voices of her friends and family celebrating for her wedding tomorrow.

But then,when she turn around,there it was her past in front of her,she was dancing,laughing,smiling.Yes,she was happy in her past,but she never was happier than falling in love to the man she is about to marry.Why you have to do this,why you have to ruin my life.I already moved on,why you have to come?I love james with all my heart.Someone touched her shoulder,it was the man she left for James.and "he told her....Only your heart can answer your question."and he's gone.All those questions echoing in her head,then suddenly,she heard someone calling her name from a distance.....

    Oh my gosh! what a dream! it was just a dream of course,her wedding is not yet scheduled.(LOL)and she is 100% sure of her feelings towards James,she never have doubts nor regrets.Thanks good ness its just a dream..Whew!
 After a few days,it was a coincidence,he said hi to me,while i am waiting for Jim to get online,he was talking as if he was also in my dream and know what was my question.

  He told me that sometimes,he regretted why he let me go,why he just took me for granted,why he never thinks of me as a partner.He even asked me if i felt the same,but i always told him what i felt,I told him that i never have regret cause i love Jim with all my heart and soul.he even requested not to forget our memories,but i told him honestly,memories belongs to yesterday and yesterday was gone.He even said,even in my dreams?I said YES,even in my dreams,I will be faithful to Jim,if ever i dream a man,that would be Jim and no other.

   Then, he said,if US for you is PAST then i will live in my past,and he wished me happiness  with Jim.We remain friends though,but now I know even in my dreams he will not come,cause he knew to whom my heart belongs.it belongs to JAMES.

  No matter how wonderful your past is but sometimes things happened that only heaven can explained,thats what happened to me.Sometimes,you need to say goodbye in order to let go and set free for the future.
Now I am married with a lovely daughter.

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