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She is Mine, so Angelic and Divine

When she is there, peace is sure
For all my worries, she is the cure
With her support, I can endure
As her love is like divine vert pure
When time with me she spends
I require the presence of no friends
My torn mind, she superbly mends
A fine solution she recommends
Her touch is so soft and graceful
Her eyes are kind and powerful
Her words are soft and truthful
I thank God by being prayerful
She gives me Himalayan solace
By supplying great guts always
For her company, my heart prays
She brings mirth in all the ways
When I travel in the wrong track
She guides me with real knack
All negative ideas, she does sack
On the right way, I am now back
She argues not or shouts not
But, highly logically thinks a lot
A wonderful mind she has got
She always gets what is sought
She creates a plan that wins at last
She perfectly decides by being fast
Due to her, my peace is not lost
Her mental stature is indeed vast
If she is present, life will be pleasant
Hell can be felt if she is now absent
God has given her to me as a present
I am blessed now one hundred percent
Thank you Lord for her kindest company
Her heart is always singing a symphony
She is making my life absolutely sunny
My life is made by you and her funny
I am praying for the peace of everyone
Now happy on this earth like me is none
I thank you deeply you and your dear Son
I feel cheerful, jolly and fine under the Sun.

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