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She is Everything to Me

In case of her absence
My soul loses happiness
I deeply struggle to breathe
As she only gives me life

Her word is to me Veda
When she delivers kindness
My heart is full with peace
She only is filling my mind

Whatever problem that comes
Due to her, evaporates like mist
Her merciful look is a tonic
To cure my soul's sickness

Her grace when my eyes recall
My joy multiplies unimaginably
Her noble love is a sure proof
That Almighty is a great inventor

Her voice when is by me heard
Waves of ecstasy finely spreads
Throughout my head very evenly
My confidence in Divinity goes up

Her name when my tongue says
All my teeth unitedly pray a lot
All my glands take part devotedly
My nerves get enormous strength

Her touch shames feather touch
Kiss of her supplies Divine bliss
Her embrace creates great joy
Her eyes reveal Heavenly secrets

Swan feels humbled by her movement
Cuckoo is stunned by her sweet voice
Full Moon is afraid of her round face
Sun loves to rest calmly in her shade

When she is near, I forget to worship
Her speech makes me obey her words
She stops bad ideas from cropping up
All bad habits are afraid of her power

On the whole, she is truly Angelic
Her boons are given by way of love
With her, anything surely I can
If she leaves, I feel Hell's torture.



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