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She is Everything to Me

In case of her absenceMy soul loses happinessI deeply struggle to breatheAs she only gives me lifeHer word is to me VedaWhen she delivers kindnessMy heart is full with peaceShe only is filling my mindWhatever problem that comesDue to her, evaporates like mistHer merciful look is a tonicTo cure my soul's sicknessHer grace when my eyes recallMy joy multiplies unimaginablyHer noble love is a sure proofThat Almighty is a great inventorHer voice when is by me heardWaves of ecstasy finely spreadsThroughout my head very evenlyMy confidence in Divinity goes upHer name when my tongue saysAll my teeth unitedly pray a lotAll my glands take part devotedlyMy nerves get enormous strengthHer touch shames feather touchKiss of her supplies Divine blissHer embrace creates great joyHer eyes reveal Heavenly secretsSwan feels humbled by her movementCuckoo is stunned by her sweet voiceFull Moon is afraid of her round faceSun loves to rest calmly in her shadeWhen she is near, I forget to worshipHer speech makes me obey her wordsShe stops bad ideas from cropping upAll bad habits are afraid of her powerOn the whole, she is truly AngelicHer boons are given by way of loveWith her, anything surely I canIf she leaves, I feel Hell's torture.mvvenkataramanSEARCH mvvenkataraman IN GOOGLE OR YAHOO

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