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Second Chances are not Easy too

The sun went down and I died a million times.

The sun is gone and the night is endless with my cries that carries up into the air towards the full moon.

The darkness invokes my soul into a fog or mist of fatigue in depressed moods.

I throw a fistful of tears in the air and showers my head as I choke  with it.

Your love is hopeless at last it lies in the womb of another  and grows every minute into a baby that will eventually be part of you and her.

She had been in your life for only six weeks and i have been here for two years and it counts for nothing....yes you are crying for me ....

but when the infant comes it will erase all memories and you will be happy my love and so I depart now fast and swift....

unnoticed by everyone no traces of me....to leave you live your life and be happy while I shout and tear and die and shatter inot a million pieces ...

I fought my cancer and won I have a second chance to life...

But I lost all my friends and family and you ..and you......

How little all of you love that in such a short time you lost all hope in me...I was forgotten even before I left this world.

I love to the fullest....and my love for all is what kept me going...thank you  for the time and thanks for your superficial love it got me through.

I will live again everything new...it just has to come slowly again. My mind and body is strong like an Ox but my spirit is broken and needs healin ...lets see how it goes. Thank You all ....now on with my new life.

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