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sayin goodbye

all she can do is say beautiful things but at the end of the day she dont comprehend wat they mean promisees broken within 24 hours my promises still hold true she got a good woman that love her but its never enough you fight back you bein a bitch you hold ya tongue n say she right its not enough she fuck a slut n tell you she no how you feel n no one more important than you n she wrong den wanna get mad cuz you a bit cautious that she tryin to stay friends wit her you are her heart n soul her other half n da reason she breathe but wen she dont hear exactly wat she want ready to give up

so i feel like i should say fuck it my heart is with you but i cant keep puttin myself through this last night my father was leagally dead for 3 mins my world came crashin down all around me n you said youd be there but clearly i couldnt call cause you was in the im done wit you phase i realized my life is precious as is my heart if you love me do like ive done n show me im worth it i deserve u fighting for me like ive fought for you i deserve unconditional love like i show u we deserve each other God is over us but in the end its your free will that will make or break us

So if you really cant stop bein stubborn for a min n step back n see i am ur blessing then i guess ill pick up the pieces of my heart n move on n wish you all the best give your fam my love n take my love with you where ever this life take you

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