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Sacrifice Or Defeat.

Telephone sounds, adrenalin rush,Eyes staring, deathly hush.Flying kit donned, await command,Danger in the sky, safety on land.Time after time this roll was enacted,From their sacrifice, they were never distracted.Young men with a long life ahead,To their deaths, often they sped.Into the blue, disappearing from sight,To face the enemy in all their might.Would their mission be one of success,Or cause them years of pain-filled distress.Over enemy territory they flew their craft,Shrapnel shells from above and abaft.No time to think but to react without pause,They were proud to fly bravely, just for the cause.Many were veterans of war, but novices in life,Surviving intact, to face emotional strife.But for those who paid the ultimate price,Victory was gained through brave sacrifice. (c) John McKay Withey

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