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Ripples in my Heart

Her voice speaks for her in my mind.

Words so profound I often questioned: ‘but why I?’

Lost in time I was for I thought I had no other half.

The empty room that exists in my heart waiting to be filled with such love.

The place where I dreamt a family would exist.

Her, kissing me as I watched our kids play at ease.

What has happened to this belief?

I need her to see me.

I screamed and waved my hands as high as I could.

“Kiss her” ---I would if this life was that simple.

I’m like the rock when thrown into a lake to create ripples.

Sinking down with no way to climb.

Wishing she would keep the rock instead of throwing it away each time.

How I’ve spent my hours thinking she was mine.

In this life or the next. God, show me a sign.

Let me know if this is the one or is it the same as last time.

Could she be thinking the same?

I don’t want to blame.

At times I feel ashamed.

Maybe that extra word, gesture, or movement could have started the flame.

What if I could have prevented all of this?

Maybe, if I wasn’t so shy giving her an unexpected kiss….

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