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Remembering Old days

I remember the old days
We talked about everything
It was all happy and lovely
We both laugh and have a good time those days.

Is it one year? Two years? Three years
Or four years ago since the first time we talked?
Yes, it was four years ago we said our first hello
That was the sweetest hello for me since then.

The simple hi makes me feel so high.
I look forward everyday just to see your smile
Days turn to year and still I feel the same
Just your presence makes me glow.

The day we said our first “I LOVE YOU”
It was the day I found true love in you.
Your eyes told me you love me so
Since then our days full of love and happy memories.

Sweet moments I treasure in my heart
Happy days I cherish all this time
Those were the days I remembered
Another year has passed my sweetheart.

There were sweet bitter memories
It can not be forgotten as it adds the story
But it can never destroy what we have
We are stronger than the trials itself.

After what we have been through
Nothing we can not endure
We made it this far with all those thorns
Together we removed it successfully.

I love you Sweetheart
Stronger than ever
Forever and always I will
Through the years my love grows.

E.C.S 03-2011


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