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Remember the was wed always look at each other, remember the was I could always catch your eye. Remember the day I let you go but now remember this day. I always come back for more, wanting you is something I do more and more. This has to mean something so dont let it go, I know your now with her but remember those days and you will see. This has to be true, I cant get over the thought of you. So remember what you once said to me, when I left you for some heartbreak. You once said youd always have my back and I was like your drug cuz you always came back. I feel like it was a lie because now here I lye lonley with these I wonder whys! I cant give this up if it was meant to be, you can no longer see right through me. You say you no longer care well guess what, I can see right through you. I know you still care, i can hear it in your voice. But just remember you and I. You could always make me laugh no matter what you did, and youd always touch me so gental like I was gonna break. Well remember those days with a smile on your face. I know I let you go once but I promise I wont again, please give me another chance and just set her free. I messed up and I regret what I did, but I love you now dont your forget. So if you wont give me another chance, I guess ill let you go, but dont you forget what my love has showed!!

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