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Regreting giving you up...

I gave up something good for something bad. And I dont know if im gonna get it back. He had my back for so long, telling me he is wrong. I dont know if we're better off as friends, but all I know is I dont want it to end. You were prolly best for me, but I gave you up because I was afraid. Im ashamed for what I did because now I know what I had. Maybe it wouldnt work but no body would know for sure. I miss how things were, and yes im still hurt. But i shouldv listned to when you said it was him that would make it end. I miss how it was you and me, now its about you and her. I shouldv never let you go. Because now im the one hurt. I realize now your what I need. You told me now you have no feeling for me. I cant stand seeing you with her. It tears my heart to know you love her. But theres nothing I coud do or say, but I know iv always loved you in a way! I have nothing to look forward to, missing you is all I can do. I wish I could go back and in a second Id take you back. I envy her so much, she carres the one that I love. She doesnt even know what she has and that makes me sad! I just wish she knew what she had, yet again I just want you by my side. Ill always be here, anytime, any place. Ill be waiting for that smile on your face. But I guess that look on your face when you looked at me was a missunderstanding, because the shine in your eyes always told me diffrent. Ill miss the was you always looked at me, only because thats the way you now look at her!! <3 BY BRIANNE D.H.

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