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I stuggle for my sanity,
Try to keep my humanity.
Livingin my dreams,
Trying to figure out what it all means .
Life is no prize...
I really hope it doesn't come as a surprise '
That we're all just living to die
You shouldn't even bother asking why
No one hears you,
They don't even care what you do...
Regardless if you drown,
Or you try to smile and you end up with a frown
You can have a love so true,
Only ending up with the question of why you went through
With loving someone who used you as a tool
Oh, what a fool.
Don't even try to fight,
For what no longer is in sight. 
They left you...
There's nothing you can do. 
No reason why you should even care.
They aren't even there.
You hold yourself back...
Try to get your thoughts back into whack
Think of it with logic...
Don't let yourself give a shit. 
It's better to be harsh...
Then to feel the rush,
Of feelings you don't want to feel. 
Knowing they shouldn't be real.
Get a grasp on reality...
Realize there is no beauty.

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