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Is it sadness or happiness,
do we have a choice?
Life could be heaven
or it could be hell,
depends what we feel.
Could it be sorrow 
or it could be blow,
what makes your heart grow?

Is it loneliness or emptiness,
what makes you feel unease?
Life could be lonely or
it could be empty
only if you are choicy.

Is it a dream or a nightmare,
what makes you shiver?
Dreams can come
 true only if you pursue.
Nightmares can
disappear only if you prefer.

Is it love or hate,
what breaks your faith?
Love can be found anytime,
only if you give time at any pace.
Hate can be erase only
 if you replace it with love and caress.

Is it the past or the present,
that makes you feel in vain?
Or could it be the future,
no one can tell.

Everyone can be unhappy
as well as anyone can be happy.
Anyone can be sad
as well as everyone can be glad.

Open your heart for everything
 and you will get the meaning.
Life can be heaven or it could be hell
Depends how you feel.

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