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pursuit of happiness

haha i dont know why i am so happy. this feeling just crept up inside of me out of the darkness of my heart. I was saddened and depressed and now i am relieved of this stress. i dont know what to do or say, it just amazing to feel this way.  people are telling me i am too happy. can you be "too happy?" happiness is a goal we all strive for but very few of us can find. amazingly happiness has found me. it did not come in the form of a woman, or money or a promotion but rather just finally noticing the little things in life. the way the waves splash together in the wind, the way the grass moves as a green ocean tide when the wind strikes, and the way the clouds gently float away aimlessly into the distance. happiness is like a butterfly if you try reaching for it, it wil simply elude the grasp of your fingers. where if you are patiant it will land on your shoulder and find you.

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