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Pure Torture

I wake-up each morning and my thoughts are of you,
I go to sleep each evening thinking of you to.
Pure torture
I enflict upon myself,
day in and day out the pain is constantly felt.
Thoughts of what should've been constatly running down my cheek,
remembering your touch,
how much you loved me
and the way you would just stop, and stare at me. 
This feeling is an overwhelming burden
I have forced myself to bear,
but I relive the pain every moment
when the day starts over
and your still not there.

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Comments (4)
    • There is a fear you'll never love again like that. It will take one who truly loves you to bring your heart back. Prayer helpss to restore your faith.
      • Thanks, I pray everyday for the healing of my heart...I just smile to have experienced a love like that at least once in my lifetime...many go their entire lives without experiencing a feeling like that. Thanks for the comment!
        • You're right....I'm still waiting. Many don't really appreciate the true beauty of love and neve feel the depth that you did. Knowing the pain now you'll even more appreciate the joy and fragile nature when you find love again.
          • this is so moving when i read it as it just reminds me of a ex girlfriend i lost in september to cancer, she was still my best friend alecia. you havesuch a beautiful kind heart huni if you can write something as beautiful as this, im glad i found this site but most of all your poem. Kind wishes Brandon x
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