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Poem of Love

I never meant to
fall madly in love
to anybody but
you came into my life and
 show me the meaning
 of what love is.
I never expected
love could be
so beautiful and wonderful
like what we
have now my darling.
I could never imagine
life if they take
away your love from me.
My world will stop moving
if you stop loving me.
You are everything i
 wanted,I have love you
 the moment I set eyes on you.
I want to be the
 one who will
make you smile
when you're blue.
I want to live
in your heart and
promise you to
live in it forever.
You are my satisfaction,
my desire and my passion.
I just fall in
love every moments
we spent together.
My smile will never
 fade till your
love for me is there.
I love you with
 all my heart and soul.
This love is keeps
burning inside
 my heart and keeps me
warm through the
 coldest nights.
You are the love of my life,
the one that I love
 forever and always.

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