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Please Don't Test Me Now

This poem has been deleted.It may be found by searching on the web for poems of James T. AdairPlease don't test meI likley won't pass your testI need someone by my sideIn order to bring out my bestI like to play things close to the vestAfter injury, after sadnessA heart needs some restSo please don't put me to a testI promise you thisI care for youI know, because I feel this heart in my chestAbout that, I wouldn't jestSo, plesse don't put me to a testI'd rather spend quiet moments with youTo feel as one with you by my sideTo feel solitude, affection, and a sense of restAs the years go byIf you still feel the same about meIf our love doesn't leave and head WestThen we'll have achieved our questHold me closeTell me you love me bestWe'll turn out the lightsThe rest, you can guess : )


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