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pain is love

you come running in tears and ask what are you supposed to dowhen we were together you said its just not working out let just be friendsbut yet look your hurt againyou told me you thought i would hurt you like the restso you went to find some one newand look he left you blueyou didnt even give me a tryand now all you can do is cryno im not saying i told you sobecause i can admit i didnt even knowbut love is pain thats just the way it gobut when you said i was like the rest you were wrongim not like them but you couldnt seeand now i have moved on and friends is all we will ever beim not like most imma be here 4 u through thick and thinyour love is now what has beenbut our momments is something that can never be replacedthat day our love left with out a traceand when i thought i wasnt going to get through it, i got over you.________________________________________________________________________idk where this idea came from its not exactly from a personal experience it just poped in my head so i began to type it here. well thanks 4 vewiing hope you likeyy


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