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So much pain goin on in my life1I wanna run,run,run away from all this pain~run from the tears pourin down like rain~~Whwer e do I go to run away from all this pain???>What have I got to gain??When all Im doin is cryin ltears like the rain??Take me away from this misery,this sad life,these tears!!Take me out of the rain and turn this pain into gain!!!!!I have this hole in my heart that wont ever heal the pain will always be there!!Along with the tears!!I wanna run,run,run away from the pain forever and never look back!!I feel anger,bitter,confused,m I just dontunderstand why the people I love most and mean the world to me being taken away from me by death,by distance by these confusing and hurtful circumstances!!I ask why???why me??Why does this have to happen to me???Lord please give me the answer and help me understand!!Give me the strength and the courage to understand!!And stay strong.Take away all this pain!!Pain!!Pain so much pain!!Take it away all the pain!!That I feel in my heart!! PAIN GO AWAY!!!! NO MORE RAIN TURN THIS PAIN,THIS RAIN INTO GAIN SOON!! LIESA CLINE

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