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Our Love Story Ends

I can’t close my eyes as the tears stream down my face.I want to forget everything but I keep on remembering the old days.How I wish the pain would stop and the wounds would mend.I guess this is where our love story ends.Yesterday seems a long time ago but the wounds are brand-new.I don’t know if ever I could move on; maybe I won’t get over you.But patiently I’d wait; even if I’d make my self suffer.I’ll give you your freedom that you asked for with another.I don’t know if ever I did anything off-beam.I gave you all that I could; I never intend to push you off the brim.I never forbade you with anything, even your thoughts I never questioned.I never even asked any of the things you just can’t mention.Tomorrow seems so far away; never even expecting it to come.You left me with heedless reasons, leaving so many things undone.You found somebody else, and then you left my heart askew.You inflicted too much misery; will I ever be over you?Yesterday, we were just on the crack of dawn and on our humble beginning.But today, without hesitation you left me tormented and crying.Because you love him, your love and affection for me you can’t even lend.I guess this is why our love story ends.Many cold and sleepless nights, I can’t help but cry.You left me with questions, with doubts, you didn’t tell me why.But I’ll keep on waiting as long as I could; you’ll always be in my heart.I’ll wait for the day that you’ll realize my worth.I don’t know how long I could wait for another, but it’s worth a try.I love you. I’ll always will. I won’t ever say goodbye.I’ll always be here for you; I can always be your friend.How painful, how excruciating; this is how our love story ends.

For Kevin and Merkie...dorkboi.blogspot.com


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    • That IS love you describe and it must seem so cruel and unfair. You find yourself going back over and over to happy moments, wondering if they were remembered or felt the same. These once happy moments tear at your very heart and soul and as much as you wish you can't get back there to that point in time. After many tears you will realize that the love you felt came from you...it was a reflection of the love you gave. All your tears, were a reflection of the depth of caring in your heart. In time the lover will fade deeper into the past. You'll pull yourself together somehow though you feel broken inside. Someday, by miracle, someone will love you like that and you will fall in love again. And then you'll know the true beauty of love that is shared. Love eventually shines on all good hearts and sadness is so we know how precious and rare love is.
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