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Our love-simplified

I want you to know That life without you Is nothing compared too What it means when we are together Things feel a lot better I only wish I could always be there Some say I’m crazy Others say in love I just want to be your baby I love your innocent stare And your wonderful smile The one that brightens up my day I sit all day thinking about The things you say Hope that you’ll soon come around This way I care for you so much Id to what ever it takes to have you in my arms Again just this once I know it’s hard to be together For we can hardly ever be alone The biggest obstacle is my mother She doesn’t like me being with you I love you though no matter what Even though at times it’s hard Ill try my best to play my part No matter what comes in my way Deep down I hope you know In my heart you’ll always stay Patience is all we need I know what we share is strange Special in its own way Things will seem confusing But that feeling with time will change I promise you That what I say is completely true I don’t want to loose you Though I know you might think this isn’t fair I too at times feel it just won’t work And we should just be friends But then I remember how I love that were a pair No words can explain The way it all works At times all this drives me insane Our worlds are so different But I feel like it’s all the same As if it’s the way it was meant to be If we remember the good things We can get past the tough times Hand in hand no lies But no matter what I'll always love you Try my best to stay in your heart Written by diamante_hielo Submitted by diamante_hielo

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