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Open Secrets

Hidden secrets kept close to our hearts,With no intention of unlocking the parts,Our deepest feelings quietly hide,Ensuring nothing hurts our shallow pride.Lives can be shaped by an innocent mistake,Dormant instincts we have to awake,To survive the traumas life can arouse,Healed as quickly as circumstance allows.Fate, it deals unkindly hands,Ever changing, like the desert sands.No control have we of destiny's call,The actions taken, we can't recall.Inexperience, ignorance or misplaced trust,Solutions, conclusions, woefully unjust,Leave legacies difficult to comprehend,With situations and results we can't amend.Secrets must be released to unload the pain,For our confidence and trust to quietly regain,Emotional stability we need so much,Allowing our feelings a healing crutch.(c) John McKay Withey 2009

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