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Only the Beginning

by Shaniqua M Allen when the years fly by.


will you remember how it used to be?


will you rememgber it all?


for so longi was living in the past.




not caring if i had a future.




wishing everything would just go back to the way it use to be.


with my family.


with my big sister beiing alive and picking on me


with my grandma irene yelling at me.


calling me a lil yellow nigga when i blamed things on Jackie.


now as time moves forward.


i finally wake up.


i realize the past is gone.


and me being a adult now,


its only the beinning.


i realize how inmportant it is for me


to start my own family.


im learning the value of family.


as i grow, i learn nothing is perfect.


 there is no such thing as the perfect job


the perfect husband.


the perfect finances.


but there is a thing called the perfect love in one person other than god.


even though it hasn't been real long.


i think i found the one.


someone that makes me laugh hard.


when he tickles me. inthe right spots.


seeing his face light up.


when i tickle him back seeing his sensitive side.


someone who is just committed to one.


someone i knew since HS


but never really paid attention too then.


now, constantly around every weekend


wether he's at my house.


or me at his mama's house.




as i realize this is only the beginning.


i look forward to seeing the future with this real man.


i look to making him the future father he want to be.


but when God says move on my end. 




i strongly believe its not what he can do for me.


its what i can't do for me that i know only a man can.


(i hope you readers get that)


i'm happy with him.....


he complete's me


even though it's only the beginning!!!!!





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