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Only Scars due to Mental Wars

Sorrow is my very close friend
May follow till my sad end
By fate I am cruelly saddened
In a way, terribly maddened

When I was on the Earth born
My father became to agony pawn
His heart was by losses torn
So his mind I did not adorn

I must have watched mother
Struggling under rough weather
My hope also did badly wither
We were not touched like feather

When I was in her womb
Why I did not at all succumb?
She was under agony's thumb
Inside her womb I was also dumb

What a torture she underwent!
To add to pressure I was sent
My stubborn father was adamant
No mercy was by God also lent

My grand parents were all devils
They made my mother take pills
Their devilish act even now chills
And my heart with disgust fills

My father developed a strange ambition
He never hard-worked for that mission
His confused mind caused repercussion
So no peace was in our possession

Like a cunning monster he would supervise
And freeze totally all our wise enterprise
He made all of us resort to pathetic cries
He would thwart with anger all possible ties

When he came from the office tired
In an easy-chair he would get retired
From there all would be ruthlessly fired
Sadism would be by him foolishly hired

At last I became a prey for depression
My soul was deprived of kindness-cushion
To tame my mind I gave devils permission
And I offered devils a meek submission.


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