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Now and Forever

I was thinking when time comes and
 our youth will pass away
instead we have grey hairs and wrinkles.
Will you still love me?
I hope you will my love because
I will always love you
wherever you are whatever you do,
I'm always loving you.
Will you still kiss me,
love me even if I am wrinkled and old?
Will you still hold my hand
and say proudly i am your woman?
I hope you will my darling
cause i always do love you.
Time will
come you will have grey hair and old,
but I  will never change my lover.
I will always love you.
And i will still say proudly that
you are my man and i am yours
forever my love.
We will walk hand in hand
and think together and recall
 our precious moments as if
it only happens yesterday.
Now and forever
i will love you even if you are grizzly and old.
Every white hair of yours will say
how much you mean to me.
Never change my love for
 nothing can change the way i felt for you.
You are always the light the keeps shining  on me.
You are always my hero and
my lover my bestfriend my love.
You hold my heart forever
 and my life is empty with out your loving.

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